At the Housing and Health Alliance, in addition to helping cover operating costs, philanthropy supports wraparound services. Last year those services helped clients of the Housing and Health Alliance’s transitional living programs, Bonaventure House and The Harbor, move from homelessness to independence. They achieved graduation rates of 60% and 70%, respectively. Those rates exceed national benchmarks for transitional recovery homes and are the highest the Housing and Health Alliance has ever achieved.

The Housing and Health Alliance also expanded its after care program, which keeps people connected to the supportive housing ministry in their independent lives. “The after care program was developed because people who were leaving very structured environments at Bonaventure House and The Harbor felt isolated in the community, and they often were relapsing into homelessness,” says Cheryl Potts, executive director of the Housing and Health Alliance. Thanks to philanthropy, after care now includes spiritual care and individual and group support at all three Housing and Health Alliance sites.